Thodos Dance Chicago

Studio Gang Collaborates with Thodos Dance Chicago


November 6, 2013

Thodos Dance Chicago and Studio Gang Architects announce their collaboration on a new world-premiere performance investigating the intersection of dance, architecture, and physics, which will debut at Thodos Dance Chicago's Winter Concert 2014.

Studio Gang is designing an interactive structure that taps cutting-edge research on the process informally called “jamming” being performed by physicist Sidney Nagel and the Nagel Group at the University of Chicago. Jamming research is currently exploring the creation of vacuum-supported membrane structures with load-bearing properties, and this research will inform the Studio Gang structure. Responding to movement and other stimuli, the structure, stage set, and dancers will bring to life a study of motion, material, shape, composition, and light.

“Jeanne and her Studio Gang colleagues are true visionaries, and we’ve so enjoyed bringing our different but not altogether dissimilar creative worlds together with this project,” said Melissa Thodos, founder and artistic director of Thodos Dance Chicago. “This collaboration reinforces many facets of Thodos Dance Chicago’s mission of inspiring expression through performance, education and creation. This work will reflect the transformative power of dance and design as we blend our visions, fueled by cutting-edge science and the body, light and atmosphere, form and function, and create a brand new environment for our audiences to experience.”

Performance photo by Cheryl Mann, courtesy of Thodos Dance Chicago

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