Emily Licht

Design Team Member


Born and raised in West Philadelphia, Emily developed an early love for the diversity and complexity of cities. While initially attached to East Coast, post-industrial grit (A.B. Urban Studies, Brown University), she later spent several years along the Pacific, from Santiago de Chile to San Francisco, CA (M.Arch, UC Berkeley). Before moving to Chicago in 2011, her design work focused on materials research for 3-D Rapid Prototyping and the intersections of design and sites of international conflict.

Emily still smiles uncontrollably each morning when ascending the stairs to SGA and can’t wait till she has a dog and a 3-D printer that she can bring to work.

Why SGA?

It’s a “we” not a “me” / always operating from a position of optimism / enough concentrated umph for a whole carload of hollywood starlets

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