Mauricio SÁnchez

Senior Project Leader

Registrations & Certifications

Registered Architect, Illinois


Mauricio is from Cali, Colombia, an Andean city 1,000 meters above the Colombian Pacific Ocean. He studied architecture there under its milky sky and went on to open his own studio and teach as a professor of Urban Planning at the Universidad del Valle. Eventually, increasing cartel violence brought him to Bogotá, where at the Universidad Nacional he pursued a masters degree in Theory of Modern Architecture. He later came to the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago where he earned his Masters of Science in Architecture, writing his thesis on “Tectonics as Veiling.” Mauricio has been at Studio Gang since 2004, where the studio’s commitment to making architecture that belongs to a particular place and culture continues to resonate with him as a form of resistance to globalization.

Why SGA?

Everyone’s wholehearted commitment to doing everything the best way possible in honor of each other.

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