National Aquarium BLUEprint

Updating the Aquarium Model for the Twenty-First Century


Baltimore / MD / USA


Studio Gang Architects


National Aquarium


Anticipated Completion 2014

BLUEprint is a strategic plan developed collaboratively by Studio Gang Architects, IMPACTS Research and Development, and the National Aquarium that updates the aquarium model for the twenty-first century, identifying opportunities for sustained growth, improvement, and evolution. Like many contemporary visitor-serving organizations, aquaria face a critical turning point with regard to their future roles and relevance. Once considered solely as entertainment venues driving their local economies, aquaria today have an obligation to lead on critical ocean and water quality issues, borne of the association of their live exhibits with ocean wilderness.

Through an iterative process of research, design, and analysis, BLUEprint explores solutions to physical and spatial challenges presented by the Aquarium’s widespread facilities and addresses larger institutional issues related to recent shifts in tourism and visitor engagement. By strengthening connections between urban and aquatic life, BLUEprint ensures the future success of the National Aquarium as it continues its important work fundamentally changing the way humanity views and cares for our oceans and their inhabitants. Ultimately, BLUEprint positions the Aquarium as a recognized leader in national and global debates concerning water quality, conservation, healthy harbors, and the future sustainability and practices of aquaria at large.

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